How to film in Malaga

The Malaga Film Commission is a public service of the Malaga Provincial Council whose mission is to promote the province as a filming location for audiovisual productions.

It coordinates the audiovisual industry and production campaigns with public administrations, working to attract investment and project the image of the province as a filming location.

The audiovisual industry in the province of Malaga has become a key sector. The direct economic impact, as well as the indirect and induced economic impact through the dissemination of Malaga's image around the world, have made audiovisual creation a strategic segment capable of generating wealth throughout the province.

Malaga's high level of reputation as a destination for audiovisual filming is driving the continuous creation of new companies throughout the province, so that - in the face of growing demand - the audiovisual business fabric in Malaga is growing every day, strengthening it as a booming sector that offers talent and the ideal resources to attract both national and international investment.

The Malaga Film Commission offers the following services:

  • Information about possible locations in Malaga and proposal of professional locators, registered in the province.

  • Liaison and coordination service with the audiovisual industry.

  • Liaison and coordination between the county council, the production companies and the state, regional, provincial and local public administration.

  • The Film Commission offers its services Non-profit. In the event that their efforts generate costs for the Malaga Film Commission, these will be passed on to the applicant production company.

  • Production logistics: accommodation, catering for production company staff, car hire, etc.

  • Reservations: The Malaga Film Commission provides information about the tourist infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, car hire, etc. by sending the corresponding lists. Reservations will be managed by the production company.

Production aid

  • MFC does not have its own funds available for production companies. However, it should report on existing public subsidies for the sector.

  • MFC is raising awareness among service providers and public administration (signing of agreements), aimed at obtaining discounts and promotions for producers in the audiovisual industry, in order to attract significant economic impact in our territory.

Use of private property for filming.

  • MFC will provide information to national and international producers about private properties that can be rented for the filming of audiovisual productions, as well as the professional entities that offer this type of services.

  • CBM is not responsible for the results of the market relationship between producers and private owners.


  • In the event of disputes, MFC will make available to the national and international producer the contact details of specialists in audiovisual law, registered in Malaga province, but cannot at any time act as such. At the express request of the parties concerned, it may mediate in order to reach an amicable agreement.

  • One of the objectives of MFC is to serve as a link between government authorities and the audiovisual industry in order to facilitate the realisation of audiovisual projects in the community.

MFC calls for cooperation after the

- On-screen credit to Málaga Film Commission.

- Donation, upon completion of production, of:

- A video copy of the work done.

- A list of technical, creative and production staff.

- Photographs and publicity material from the production.

- Information on the expenditure incurred in our province for your project.