The films shot in Malaga this summer that you will soon be able to see on your screen.

The summer season has once again highlighted the multiplicity of the scenery that the province of Malaga has to offer. All kinds of productions have been carried out from the end of May to September: films, series, realitiesdocumentaries... Both of national and international origin. Among all the shootings, the most outstanding have been those of the series 'Black Mirror', 'Kaos' (both Netflix productions) or the thriller Finnish 'Kosta'. The latter, starring Fran Perea from Malaga, returned to Malaga for its second season in June.

The episode of the dystopian series of the American platform - only its title, 'Red Book', is known - was filmed during the month of June. The locations were in the Costa del Sol and other parts of the province. The following were revealed sets in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, the Loasur studios in Coín, an estate between Monda and Ojén and the mountains of Málaga. The British production company in charge of the filming, Broke & Bones Ltd., has offered no further information on the subject with the usual secrecy of these recordings.

The 'Kaos' series, whose service directed by the Malaga-based company Fresco Films, was one of the season's biggest displays. The SISTER ('Chernobyl') and Anthem production was based in the province for almost the entire month of August. Spending averaged €700,000 a day during their stay in the province. The series from the makers of 'The End Of The F***ing World' stars Jeff Goldblum as Zeus. Although the role was initially given to Hugh Grant. Malaga, Marbella, the Velez shopping centre and Antequera have served as sets for this super-production that has earned the green seal of sustainability.

Among the rest of the filming that the province of Malaga has attracted during the summer of 2022, several are worth mentioning. realities. The most successful, 'Paradise Hotel' (Banijay Group) filmed in Marbella. In terms of cinema, the Antequera Hills Hotel was the venue for part of the set of 'Reflejos en una habitación', the debut film by Ceres Machado. And the municipality of Casares was the setting for the western Sacrilegio', by Pedro Casablanc. Finally, in the documentary genre, the mockumentary 'Caleta Palace' was produced during the summer months. This story about the Desbandá fictionalises real testimonies of the tragic episode experienced during the civil war in Malaga. The project takes up the baton of 'Paraíso en llamas', also directed by José Antonio Hergueta. This short film was nominated for the Goya in 2021 in the category of Best Documentary Short.

Throughout 2022 there have been other successful productions filmed in the province, such as 'The Snow Girl' (Netflix). Others have already been released worldwide, as well as being available on platforms such as 'Operation Mincemeat', available on streaming and rental services.