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Malaga Film Commission is a public service of the Malaga Provincial Council whose mission is to promote the province as a location for filming audiovisual productions, to assist production companies and professionals who choose Malaga to carry out their projects, to support the audiovisual sector in Madrid and to stimulate investment and local development.

Malaga Film Commision works to encourage audiovisual production in Malaga by actively promoting the possibilities of its spaces, the strength of its industry and the experience of its professionals. By supporting and stimulating the audiovisual sector, the rest of the city's creative industries and the wide variety of services that derive from them, Malaga Film Commision seeks to boost the economic development and international image of Madrid, promoting the attractiveness of the city for its inhabitants, workers and visitors.


Malaga Film Commission offers the following services:
  • Help with location scouting for filming.
  • Guidance and support in the management of filming permits.
  • Mediation with the different municipal bodies and other public administrations.
  • Information on companies and professionals in the audiovisual sector.
  • Advice on production and post-production logistics.
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